Tweet to Shoot

On September 13th & 14th 2012, we had more than 2,800 people, from 52 different countries, join us for a game of Duck Hunt — with a social twist.

Vulcan EBF–25

About the project

Nerf guns are very much a part of our agency’s culture. On any given day, we take them apart and modify them so they shoot further and faster. But the ultimate modification was when we took apart the Vulcan EBF–25. That’s when the idea of Tweet to Shoot was born.

We rigged the gun to a 12–volt power supply and an Arduino Uno microcontroller. We combed the Twitter API for mentions of a specific hashtag. We rebuilt the classic Duck Hunt interface. We took over a room and streamed it live. We even brought back that annoying dog.


The possibilities of physical and digital convergence go well beyond the face value of this experiment. We’re merely just scratching the surface of potential that microcontrollers and relay switches can provide.

Several modifications made on this Nerf Vulcan EBF–25, but one of our favorites is the kill switch for reloading and LED to show if it was on or off.
Modifications on a Nerf Vulcan EBF–25

And while it might seem odd for an ad agency to branch out into engineering and robotics, we’re feeling like these assets all tie back to the communications toolbox of the future.

NES Duck Hunt Twitter integration
We recreated NES Duck Hunt and displayed the Twitter handles of those who participated
Triggering the arduino by a Twitter hashtag
The Arduino was triggered by a Twitter hashtag, pulling the trigger and firing the Nerf Gun
Converting the gun from automatic fire to single shot
We converted the gun from automatic fire to single shot and the power source from direct to alternating current