Defend Your Name

Instead of tackling lead generation by chasing people around with traditional, tired means, we wanted to figure out a way to draw them to us with a memorable and engaging experience. So we went ahead and created Defend Your Name – a unique solution that combines e-mail registration with a classically styled arcade game. Oh, also, aliens.

About Defend Your Name

About the project

Imagine this: you manage a business that runs on the distribution of your content. For your ship to stay afloat, you need eyeballs, because those mean impressions, which results in revenue. This is the scenario for our friends and partners at, whose focus is providing everything from original editorial to recruitment tools in Baltimore, Brooklyn, Delaware, DC, and Philly. Another important aspect of’s business lives in their events, of which they host dozens across the different markets that make up their footprint. These events cater to tech and dev enthusiasts, as well as a new breed of CMOs hungry to innovate their business. So naturally, in an effort to increase that number of eyeballs on their content, they were looking to use said events as a means to drive registrations and build their email newsletter audience.

For consumers, giving without getting is a problem. Incentives such as sweepstakes or giveaways are becoming less and less effective. So we got to thinking about’s audience, and how we could use technology to give them a better, more desirable experience. We channeled our inner gamer and decided to make something old new again with a Space Invaders-esque arcade game with a personal touch.

We dubbed our creation Defend Your Name and mapped out logistics. On the upfront, Defend Your Name would function with a keyboard and mouse to collect players’ email address and location as a prerequisite to gameplay. After the information was entered, users would swap out the keyboard and mouse for their ray gun (what may or may not be a well-decorated Nintendo Wii controller) and prepare to, well, defend their name. Once gameplay began, the player’s full name would appear on screen and quickly come under attack from alien forces. Players emerged victorious if they were able to zap all of the otherworldly invaders before all of the letters that made up their name were stolen.


We’re always seeking different ways to engage consumers, and thinking outside the box about how we can achieve that. So when the opportunity arose to use our forward thinking approach to solve a traditional problem, we jumped at the chance to create something interactive and fun. Because at the end of the day, using technology as a tool to provide a desirable experience is what we strive for.

Once users entered their name, that data then became pieces used during gameplay, keeping the experience personal and fun.
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Inspiration for the game came from many places, one of which was a book of space gun designs throughout history.

The game's design was influenced by some of our favorite retro video games of the 70s & 80s.
Defend Your Name debuted during one of's Philly Tech Week premiere events.